Silver nanoparticle conductive ink FlowMetal™

FlowMetal™ achieved the trade-off of long-term dispersion stability and low-temperature sinterability at a practical level.


  • Ink of our own synthesized silver nanoparticles.
    A dispersant (organic substance) is adsorbed on the surface of silver nanoparticles with an average particle diameter of about 30 nm. It is possible to adjust the silver particle concentration, viscosity, surface tension, and so on..
  • Lineup of FlowMetal™
    Solvents and dispersants should be selected because similar substances have high solubility. We prepared an ink that can be dispersed in organic solvents. We have a lineup of SR series for organic solvents.
    The organic solvent system (SR series) using medium to low polarity organic solvents.
  • High conductivity
    The dispersant is designed to be easily released by low temperature heating. High conductivity is achieved by the progress of sintering between silver nanoparticles.
    Organic solvents(SR7000 series) has low resistance of 13 μΩcm when heated at 80℃.
  • Excellent dispersion stability
    Silver nanoparticles stabilized by a dispersant are stable in a solvent even at high concentrations. It can be stored for a long time.
  • Compatible with various printing methods
     It can be applied to various printing methods such as inkjet, flexo, offset, and gravure offset printing. We can also customize according to your needs.


Base material
It can be applied to plastic substrates with low heat resistance (ABS, PC, PET, etc.).
It can be applied to PI(polyimide ) by surface treatment.

Since it is possible to achieve conductivity with a plastic substrate with low heat resistance, it is ideal for the printed electronics field.

Case direct wiring

Touch panel, transparent conductive film for touch panel (metal mesh)

Wiring/circuits for flexible devices, electrodes (thin film transistors)

RFID wiring

It can be used as a plating base layer in the electroless plating method. For example, by combining inkjet printing and electroless copper plating technology, it is possible to manufacture printed circuit boards on-demand without using a mask.

Others: Can be used for wiring repairs, solar cells, color materials, design materials, and so on..

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