Silver nanoparticle bonding material paste FlowMetal™

Sinterable silver nanoparticle paste for low temperature bonding, applying low temperature sinterable silver nanoparticle ink technology

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LED package which used our low temperature silver nanoparticle bonding material paste FlowMetal™

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  • A bonding material using our unique silver nanoparticles
    We manufacture silver paste for bonding materials using silver nanoparticles synthesized by our company.
    Higher silver particle concentration (85-97wt%) is possible.

  • Low bonding temperature and excellent heat resistance, electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity.
    By applying the low temperature sintering technology of low temperature sinterable silver nanoparticle ink, sinter bonding at low temperature is possible.

    It is known that silver nanoparticles sinter at low temperature due to the size effect, and the melting point of the sintered silver is similar to that of bulk silver (962℃).

    Typical bonding material, like solder melts again when exposed to high operating temperature. Those power semiconductors (SiC, GaN, etc.) which need to be used at high operating temperature cannot adopt ordinary solder.

    Silver nano paste using silver nanoparticles is a new bonding material that solves the above problems.

    Although the sintered body of silver nanoparticles is dense, it contains a small number of holes, so it is inferior to the intrinsic value of silver, but shows a low resistance value and high thermal onductivity value*.

  • Bonding without pressure
    High shear strength is obtained by sintering silver nanoparticles and metal diffusion bonding between silver nanoparticles and base material*.

    Depending on the bonding conditions, pressureless bonding may not be suitable. There is also a lineup that enables pressure welding.


【Base material*】

Gold and silver.

【Printing method】

Capable of dispenser, metal mask (stencil) printing, and pin transfer.

【Application fields/uses】

Dies bonding, dies touch application
It is useful for bonding high frequency devices (RF) that operate at high temperatures, bonding in power semiconductor chips, light emitting diodes (LEDs), dies in semiconductor lasers (LDs), submounts, and packages.

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