Precision polishing using advanced dispersion processing technology


  • Planarization from nano to Angstrom levels
  • Film and tape using various abrasives are available: TOPX D (diamond), TOPX A (alumina) and TOPX S (silica)
  • Control of the polished surface structure using binder design, advanced particle dispersion and precision coating technology
  • Advanced polishing and long service life due to proprietary surface and interface control


Polishing of optical communication connectors and LCD display components

  • TOPX D Diamond
  • TOPX S Silica Film
  • TOPX A Alumina Film

■TOPX D902
Diamond Film 9um
The polishing force is higher than others, and the maintenance of the surface roughness can be expected to be at a similar level.

■TOPX D150
Diamond Film 1um
The post-polishing surface roughness is one rank higher, which is expected to contribute to the subsequent finishing process through the reduction of polishing time, for example.

  • 1. High polishing capability and high smoothness of post-polishing end face
  • 2. Very few particle generation
  • 3. High tape adhesiveness of abrasive grains

※Tape width: 1/2 inches (12.7 mm), 3.8 mm.

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