SUNLINE Light-duty Jointless P Series


  • Seamless
  • Applicable for unpackaged food conveyance
  • Built-to-Order sizes available
  • Humidity and heat resistance, non-sticky specifications
  • Non-fray specification available

Sunline Belt selection


P1 Series :Pastries, bread, snacks, processed ham and sausage
P2 Series :Paper, fiber, metal chips
P3 Series :Kneaded goods, frozen food processing
P4 Series :IC, LSI, printed circuit boards, electronic components
P5 Series :Pastries, bread, prepared foods, non-sticky material
P7 Series :Pastries, bread, dairy products
P8 Series :Pastries, bread, dairy products

Customer Service

  • Tokyo: (03) 6369-2106
  • osaka: (06) 7175-7422
  • Development STORY