Privacy Policy

Bando Chemical Industries, Ltd. and Bando Chemical employees share the Bando Group Code of Conduct, which is based on compliance with laws and corporate ethics, and act in accordance with this code of conduct in conducting business.
We will also disseminate information and respond to social media in accordance with the "Bando Group Code of Conduct", comply with the rules set by the company, and act with particular attention to the following matters.

1. Purpose of using social media

  • (1) Disseminate information on products and initiatives handled by Bando Chemical Industries, Ltd. and make it known to as many customers, business partners, and users as possible.
  • (2) To deepen the understanding of what products and initiatives are really desired by listening to the opinions and impressions of customers, business partners, and users.

Through these, we aim to contribute to the development of society as much as possible.

2. Handling of information on social media

We understand that social media is a tool for disseminating information to society, and we shall pay close attention to the handling of the following information and shall not disseminate.

  • (1) Those that infringe the intellectual property rights of others such as copyright
  • (2) Confidential information inside and outside the company
  • (3) Privacy information, information that hurt others
  • (4) Unclear information, inaccurate information

3.Contact information

If you have any questions regarding this policy, please contact us using the submission form below.