Basic Policy on Sustainability Activities and Sustainability Activity System

Basic Sustainability Policy

The Bando Group recognizes that the realization of a sustainable society is a premise of the sustainable survival of the Group, and under the management philosophy of “With a spirit of harmony and in good faith, the Bando Group will work to earn the trust of our customers and society by creating and providing products and services of added value and high quality,” we will fulfill our social responsibilities as a member of society by always keeping in mind the realization of a sustainable society as we conduct business activities.

Basic Policy on Sustainability Activities and Stakeholders

The Group believes that in order for a company to conduct its business and achieve sustainable growth, it is essential to harmoniously coexist with stakeholders—customers, employees, business partners (including suppliers and retailers), shareholders and investors, and local communities— to provide products and services that meet the needs of society while undertaking business activities that help preserve the global environment.
The Bando Group had worked on six CSR promotion themes since fiscal 2009 and promoted new promotion themes from fiscal 2018.

With the view of contributing to sustainable growth of society and continuing to be a corporate group trusted by society, we will continue our efforts to live together with our stakeholders and focus on sustainability activity themes in order to incorporate values and principles of actions in line with our management philosophy into our corporate culture.

Sustainability Activity System

The Group’s sustainability activity system is led by the Company’s Sustainability Committee. The Sustainability Committee, chaired by Bando’s President and Representative Director, is an organization to promote sustainability activities of the entire Group, and the details of the discussions are reported to the Board of Directors.
The Sustainability Committee Secretariat implements policy decided by the Sustainability Committee within the Group, tracks the progress of priority issues and measures, and promote public information disclosure and stakeholder interaction. The Sustainability Committee is responsible for overseeing functions of committees and departments for each sustainability activity theme.