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The Bando Group Code of Conduct includes the following 12 categories as appropriate attitudes for executives and employees:

  • 1 Observance of laws and business ethics is increasingly known as compliance. Here, laws refers to federal and local laws and regulations. Observance of business ethics means our conduct should not violate laws, and should be in accordance with common sense and social decency.
  • 2 Ask yourself the following with regard to compliance in your business conduct, and contact an executive officer in charge of legal matters if you have concerns regarding compliance.
    • Do your actions violate any laws or company regulations?
    • Do your actions deviate from common social sense?
    • Can you speak with pride to your family or others about your business conduct?
    • Is it acceptable to conduct your business a certain way just because others do the same thing?
    • Being honest with yourself, is your business conduct proper?
  • 3 Customers herein means the end-users of our products and services.
  • 4 A new proposal may be the best solution to satisfy a customer's order.
  • 5 The salesperson must immediately provide end-user needs to the design and development departments. In addition, sales persons should acquire relevant technical knowledge. Designers and developers should be aware of social trends, and make technical developments accordingly. Production personnel should always abide by rules and procedures to make defect-free products.
  • 6 Responding with integrity and in good faith does not mean complying with unreasonable demands, in which case you should resolutely explain our company policy and seek their understanding.
  • 7 Every business in a company has purpose or reason. However, it is often the case that what has been done before is an inefficient business form or has too many tasks in comparison to its purpose, and in some cases is completely unnecessary now.