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Take a steady step for BF-2 target achievement
In regard to our medium-to-long term business plan “Breakthroughs for the future”, the Bando Group is making efforts to strengthen existing businesses and establish status as the TOP group supplier of transmission belts in specific segments such as automobiles and scooters, electric injection molding machines, automatic doors, and machine tools. However, there are still other segments that have room for transmission belt and light conveyor belt related expansion. For this reason, one of the guidelines in the 2nd stage of our medium-to-long term business plan “Breakthroughs for the future” is Core Business Expansion and regarding priority areas and priority industries with a lot of room for expansion based on STP (Segmentation Targeting Positioning) analysis, this policy is for the development and supply of energy-saving, high functionality specifications with reduced environmental impact that match market needs. Also, we will aim for top market positions through such things as adding service to products, propelling convenience improvement activities in the customer value chain, and heightening added value for customers.
In BF-2, in addition to Core Business Expansion mentioned above, we also put forth New Business Creation, Enhancement and Evolution in manufacturing, and Work style Innovation of Individuals and the Organization as guidelines. Work style Innovation of Individuals and the Organization is in a support position and propels the other 3 guidelines. This year, for the second year in a row, our company was selected for “Health and Productivity Stock Selection” by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, and the Tokyo Stock Exchange. Winning this award is a real honor and we would like to continue winning this award, but that is not our goal. What is important to us is creating an environment that is easy to work in. The basis of the efforts behind Work style Innovation of Individuals and the Organization are carrying out high added value work more efficiently than in the past, and heightening productivity. From this, we have the idea to improve profitability, and plan growth investment and employee wealth. By propelling this initiative, employees become discrete, bright, and affluent, and a plus spiral that helps company performance get better takes root. We intend to move forward with the aim of improving sustainable corporate value of the Bando Group.

December, 2018