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Mid- to Long-Term Management Plan

Breakthroughs for the future

Aim of the Mid-to-Long-Term Management Plan

The aim of the Bando Group over the next 10 years is to be a “stand out” supplier of belts and functional products on a global basis, using the trusted quality and our core technologies in rubber, elastomers and resins which we have refined since our founding.

Expansion of global business and added value

The first stage of the Plan is from 2013 through 2017; the second stage runs from 2018 through 2022.

Mid-term plan “Breakthroughs for the future 2nd stage” (2018 - 2022)

During this stage we will work to achieve our targets using four guidelines.

Four Guidelines

Regarding activities related to creation of new business, preferentially distribute management resources and plan business portfolio conversion.
Acquire top market position in important markets by providing high value-added products and improvement of convenience for customers.
Grow our core businesses globally. Improve profitability by evolving manufacturing technology and systems.
Through work environment and system reformation, training and consciousness of human resources, promote an autonomous and creative work style.

FY2022 Consolidated targets

Net sales Operating income ROE New product ratio
120 billion yen 12 billion yen 12.0% over30%
(New business: over 10%)