About Us

Management Philosophy/Vision

Management Philosophy

With a spirit of harmony and in good faith,
and to ensure the company's growth,
the Bando Group will work to earn the trust
of our customers and society
by creating and providing products and services
of added value and high quality.
With pride as members of the Bando Group,
we will contribute to society as a whole.

Long-team vision (vision 2050)

Best Partner, supporting people and society, connecting the present and future.

By sustainably providing products and services that are considerate of people’s lives and the environment and that help solve social issues, Bando Group continues to lead the way towards a more sustainable society for 2050 as the best partner people and society need.

Our Corporate Goals

Everyone in the Bando Group will strive to make it into a company that:

  1.   1. Values its customers and is trusted by them.
  2.   2. Allows for the material and spiritual growth of all its employees.
  3.   3. Contributes, and is of use, to society.

Bando Group Code of Conduct