Bando Rice Hulling Rolls

Bando's well-known fan-labeled rice hulling rolls enjoy great success in the agricultural market


  • Excellent durability, long-lasting
  • Excellent husking efficiency, with optimal hardness
  • Balanced hardness and elasticity, with minimal damage to the rice grains
  • Available in white or red synthetic rubber
  • Using "Red Roll" for the main shaft and "White Roll" for the sub-shaft results in maintenance-free operation, with extremely long life.


In consideration of usage amount and cost,

  • White Rolls are recommended for normal use by individual farms
  • Red Rolls, excellent in abrasion resistance, are recommended for use by cooperatives, country elevators or large-scale individual farms

■Integrated type

The baked type has been organized since 1959, and most brands of the baked type have been integrated and called "integrated" type. The integrated types are as follows.

■Manufacturer special type

  • (Note 1) For other brands than the above, please contact us as well.
  • (Note 2) The parentheses indicate manual type.
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