Flexowell® Conveyor Belts

Flexowell® is a registered trademark of ContiTech Transportbandsysteme GmbH; used by permission

Highly efficient, space saving, steep incline conveyor systems


  • While 50 - 75° angles of incline are common, Flexowell Belts can perform at angles up to 90° (vertical)
  • Conveyor lines can be freely adapted to facility layouts
  • Steep incline conveyance achieves space savings at facilities
  • Lateral rigidity and pressure rollers allow the belts to easily adapt to changes in incline angles
  • Wavy crosspieces serve as skirts, so skirt boards are not required
  • Able to use small pulley diameters
  • Ordinary flat rollers can be used for carrying and return


Steep-incline conveyance of bulk materials at ironworks, steelworks, cement factories, mines, quarries, waste and wastewater treatment facilities, paper mills, coal facilities, wood chip facilities, etc.


■Standard specifications

The Flexowell® Conveyor Belt consists of a belt body, corrugated sidewalls, and cleats. The following shows the standard combinations of the three parts.

Unit (mm)

(Note) We can manufacture other belt widths than the above as well.
Please consult with us.

Unit (mm)

(Note) For NB of Type ES, the standard range is in the units of 100 mm.

■Belt body

The belt body, which is the base of the Flexowell Belt Conveyor Belts, has vertical flexibility for fitting with pinions and horizontal rigidity for flexible deflection with support on the free zones.

(Note 1) About cover rubber types
Heat-resistant (black): This type is medium-temperature-resistant and applicable to conveyed material temperatures of 100°C or lower and belt surface temperatures of 70°C or lower (ambient temperatures of 60°C or lower).
(Note 2) For a total strength of 1250 kg/cm (1250 N/mm) or more, we provide a different design. Please contact us.
(Note 3) The belt body has square sides as a standard. However, we can also manufacture a type with side rubber (round sides).
(Note 4) We can also manufacture other cover rubber thicknesses than the above. Please consult with us.
(Note 5) The flame- and oil-resistant types are for measures against fire at oversized trash disposal centers.
They are applicable to steep incline lines after a crusher. (Flame-resistant performance: Equivalent to those that passed the JIS flame-resistant test)

Symbols for belt type specification

  • X: special canvas
  • O: special canvas used for the top
  • U: special canvas used for the backside
  • D: special canvas used for both sides
  • E: polyester (Tetoron) tension member

■Corrugated sidewall

  • N: for light load (all rubber type)
  • S: for medium load (containing reinforcing canvas)
  • ES: for heavy load (containing reinforcing canvas)

The circle mark indicates the scope of application of the respective rubber type by corrugated sidewall type.


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