Bando Steel Cord Conveyor Belts

High tensile strength, suitable for long distance conveyance


  • Excellent impact resistance
  • Wide conveyor designs are possible
  • Low take-up stroke due to low elongation
  • Low bending fatigue for long service life


Conveyance of crushed rock, aggregate, sand, limestone, ore, etc.

  • Belt strength: ST-500 to ST-6000 (N/mm)
  • Cover rubber types: abrasion-resistant, super abrasion-resistant,
    weather- and impact-resistant, flame-resistant, medium-temperature-resistant,
    high-temperature-resistant, cold-resistant, cold- and oil-resistant,
    JIS K 6369, foreign-standard-compliant

For other belt specifications than those in the above table, please contact us.
The cover rubber thicknesses in the table are recommended minimum thicknesses. For an optimum cover rubber thickness setting, please consult with us.

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