Bando Squeegees

Satisfying various needs in screen printing


  • Excellent abrasion resistance and solvent resistance
  • Great flexibility provides good adherence on uneven printing surfaces
  • The squeegee edge provides a uniform finish for sharp printed images
  • Wide selection based on functional applications
  • Flat, tapered, angular and resin-plate squeegees are available


Print circuit boards, ceramic condensers, flat panel displays, compact disks, touch panel screen printing


Bando squeegees are available based on function:
Type A: abrasion-resistant (polyurethane rubber)
Type B: solvent-resistant (polyurethane rubber)
Type U: super solvent-resistant (polyurethane rubber)
Type S: special solvent-resistant (special polymer),
and shape: flat, sword, square, and containing resin sheet.

By shape, they are available in flat squeegee, sword squeegee, square squeegee, and squeegee containing resin sheet.

1. Standard specifications

(Note 1) If not underlined, thickness, width, or length can be combined freely.
(Note 2) Hardness 50° is limited to Type B.
(Note 3) For hardness 60° of Type B, the median value of hardness is 65°.
(Note 4) Hardness 90° is not available for Type U and Type S of the sword squeegee and square squeegee.
(Note 5) Type U and Type S are available only in 9.6 × 9.6.


2. Special specifications
We manufacture non-standard products as well. Please consult with us.

■ Precautions for storage

  • Store the products in a well-ventilated place without exposure to direct sunlight.
  • The Type A squeegee may be discolored to black due to sunlight, etc. However, this does not cause the material to deteriorate.

■ Precautions for use

  • When a squeegee is stored in a rolled condition, it will be bent. To avoid it, store squeegees in a straightened condition.
  • A squeegee may not soften when it is left under low temperature for a long time. In that case, heat the squeegee in the following conditions.
  • 60 to 120 min for an oven at 50 to 60°C
  • 30 to 60 min for an oven at 100 to 110°C
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