Medical Film

The mostly-PVC composition is designed for hygienic non-transferability


  • Excellent non-migration between adhesive components and film components
  • Excellent compatibility with the adhesive layer, eliminating the concern for ply separation
  • Excellent safety and hygiene
    Compliant with the Food Sanitation Law for food packaging materials (MHLW Notification No. 20)
  • Also compliant with the Japanese Pharmacopoeia for general tests, processes and apparatus (Test Methods for Plastic Containers)
  • Available with physical properties and designs to meet user needs, including film thickness, hardness, color, and surface finish


  • Bandaids, available in a wide range of colors, surface shapes and print patterns
  • Plasters, with adhesive formulations for excellent cutaneous sensation
  • Transdermal absorption patches, with drug compatibility work to alleviate discomfort when attached to the skin
  • Pressure sensitive adhesive sheets, adhesive bandages and dressings, surgical tape and other medical supply uses
  • The capability of bandages and plasters depends on the combination of the base material, adhesive, and drug. If this combination is not sufficiently considered, trouble may occur. We have abundant experience in compound design for the base material (soft film) to satisfy user needs. Please consult with us.
  • The film dimensions, appearance, and physical properties can be designed in a variety of ways. The specifications above are standard.
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