Vinyban Decorative Wood Film

Cosmetic film for TV and stereo cabinets and other household items


  • Excellent surface appearance and precision thickness
  • Easily heat laminated
  • Good finish heat resistance
  • Excellent adhesion to plywood, MDF, etc.
  • No damage or lightening from V- or U-cuts (at room temperature of 15°C or more)
  • Excellent weather resistance, with almost no discoloration for 300 - 500 hours (by WOM test)
  • Good chemical resistance (passes JAS standards)
  • No effect from plasticizer migration


For home appliances and furniture: various types of furniture, sideboards, etc. For construction materials: ceilings, walls, floors, etc.


■Specifications and features (film for wood panels)

■Performance of typical specifications

  • Unit: breaking strength = MPa, breaking elongation = %, tear resistance = KN/m
  • The values are actual measurements and are not specifications.
  • Test method: JIS-K-6734
  • Development STORY