Vinyban Vacuum Press Film (BHS Film)

Surface cosmetics for building materials


  • Good base material vacuum press mold processing
  • Little shrinkage after vacuum press mold processing
  • Easy transition to base material
  • Surface transfer (vacuum)


Housing interiors: System kitchens, doors, sideboards, etc.
Furniture: Tables, cabinets, etc.


All measurement samples are made by laminating 0.1-mm films.

  • Heat shrinkage resistance: After bonding together a film and MDF by vacuum pressing, diagonal cuts were made in the film with a cutter. After leaving the film in a 60°C oven for 24 hours, the shrinkage in the edge area and the opening in the corner area were measured.
  • Creeping property: A sample (25-mm width, 100-mm reference line) was elongated up to 200 mm at 60°C using a tensile tester and was released. After leaving it to stand for five minutes, the shrinkage was measured.
  • Flex temperature: JIS-K-6734 (Clash-Berg test)
  • The values are actual measurements and are not specifications.
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