Vinyban Decorative Film for Metal

Easy-to-process, colorful sheets for metal


  • Excellent surface appearance and thickness accuracy in the colors of your choice
  • Excellent impact strength, easy to bend or stamp
  • Excellent stain resistance and chemical resistance, particularly strong against acidics and alkalines
  • Excellent adhesion to steel
  • Excellent weatherability
    Little discoloration after 8000 hours (WOM test) in roofing and exterior wall specifications


General Specification : Interior walls, curtain rods, etc.
Exterior Specification : Roofs, exterior walls, pillar covers, storm shutters, etc.
Anti-Sulfidation Specification : Spas, electric ranges, refrigerators, etc.
Cold Resistance Specification : Cabinetry, furniture
Non-Migration Specification : Cabinetry, furniture
Anti-Mold Specification : Bathroom ceilings, walls, bath aprons

The above specifications are general examples. We provide an optimum design for your requests on applications and processing methods. Please consult with us.

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