Vinyban Marking Film

PVC film material also called adhesive paint


  • Wealth of colors available, including order-made
  • Vivid color due to specialized color development technology
  • High performance and functionality due to accrued compounding and roll technology
  • Excellent adhesion, with the flexibility to fit a variety of materials and shapes


■Related information
PVC marking films are usually required to have low shrinkage. Hence, they have been manufactured with the casting method.
However, we used the calendar method technology and developed a film that has an equivalent quality with the one made with the casting method.
Our marking films made with the calendar method have the following features:

  • They have price competitiveness with the films made with the casting method while ensuring an equivalent quality.
  • They can be manufactured in small lots; hence, they have price competitiveness in small-lot orders, which eliminate waste.
  • Various patterns and gloss, which are the features of the calendar method, can be flexibly provided.
  • Outdoor specification A (excellent weather resistance)
  • Outdoor specification B (general weather resistance)
  • Development STORY