HTS Belts

Curvilinear tooth belts


  • The woven nylon canvas facing and the curvilinear tooth shape smoothly mesh with the pulley
  • Improved distribution of stress within the body of the belt teeth
  • The use of chloroprene rubber with excellent durability and wear resistance and powerful SZ-braided fiberglass cord provide high torque power transmission

Note regarding pulleys : Please use JIS-B 1857-2 H pulleys (JIS curvilinear tooth belt transmission/pulleys)


Office equipment, such as copiers and faxes

Factory equipment, such as machine tools and injection molds

Medical equipment

Household appliances

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■HTS 8M standard belt

8M belt standard width

■HTS 14M standard belt

14M belt standard width

  • Note 1) About pulley
    Please use the JIS-B 1857-2 Type H pulley for JIS curvilinear toothed synchronous belt drive systems for general power transmission.
  • Note 2) This page mainly describes sizes.
    For information on product performance, please contact us.
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