Long Synchronous Belts

Long span toothed belts, made of rubber, for reciprocating movement and synchronous conveyor applications


  • Versatile, long span belt length designs are possible
  • There is no speed variation or slip, as with roller chain mesh transmissions, making these belts ideal for use in positioning and conveyor applications
  • Unlike chain and wire, Long Synchronous Belts are extremely low maintenance, as no lubrication is required and re-tensioning is not necessary
  • Can be used with Bando standard synchronous pulleys and standard STS pulleys


Three types of Long Synchronous Belts are available for long span synchronous transmission and synchronous conveyance in industrial equipment
•Seamless, Endless (one seam), Open End

(Endless length is made-to-order within the product range)

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■Seamless belts (no joints)

Manufacturable width: 25 mm to 300 mm (1 inch to 10 inches)

■Open end belts (band-shaped)


For information on the maximum manufacturable length, please contact us.

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