BANCOLLAN Long Synchronous Belts

Long synchronous belts made of polyurethane


  • Wire tension members ensure that there is almost no belt elongation, even on long spans
  • Aramid tension members are used for food conveying applications
  • Different profile shapes can be affixed to the back of the belt by heat fusion
  • Clean transmission and conveying without dispersing rubber dust, so the surrounding area remains clean

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Two types of Bancollan Long Synchronous Belts are available for long span synchronous transmission and synchronous conveyance in industrial equipment
•Endless (one seam) and Open End

(Endless length is made-to-order within the product range)

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■Endless belt

■Open end belt

  • The nominal widths indicate the following:
    STS: Belt width (mm) × 10
    Type T: mm
    Types XL, L, H: the width in inches multiplied by a factor of 100
  • We cut and finish the endless belts to a requested length.
    The belt minimum length for each belt type and width is as follows.

*For information on endless belts, please contact us.

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