Standard synchronous transmission belts, combining the attributes of gears, chains and belts


  • Precise mesh between belt and pulley
  • No lubrication required; quiet operation without metal-to-metal contact
  • High initial tension is not required, so smaller bearings and motors can be used


We produce Synchro Belts for specialized as well as standard applications, so they are available for widespread use in synchronous transmission applications

  • XH, XXH Synchro Belts for high load power transmission applications
  • Oil resistant Synchro Belts (for applications where oil is present)
  • Heat resistant Synchro Belts
    (for use in temperatures between 90°C and 120°C)
  • High electrical resistant Synchro Belts
    (where insulation of 100MΩ or more is required)
  • The nominal widths indicate the widths in millimeters for Type MXL and the widths in inches multiplied by a factor of 100 for Types XL to XXH.
  • The belt nominal lengths indicate the number of teeth for Type MXL and the lengths in inches multiplied by a factor of 10 for Types XL to XXH.
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