Individual V-belts joined with tie bands provide stability and uniform load distribution


  • Available in Power Ace types and V-Belt types
  • The tie band permanently bonds multiple belts together to prevent belts from flipping over in the pulley groove on high impact drives
  • High ratio reduction gear drives can be replaced with flat to V pulley drives for inexpensive, low noise power transmission
  • Can also be used for conveyance


  • Machinery with pulsating loads (piston pumps, crushers, screens, etc.)
  • Machinery with shock loads (grinders, crushers, hammer mills, reciprocating saws, chippers, etc.)
  • Machinery with vertical shaft drives (liquid agitators, centrifuges, mixers, etc.)
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Power Ace type

  • *The nominal numbers of the Power Ace type indicate the effective outside length of the belt in inches multiplied by a factor of 10.

V-belt type (manufacturable range)

  • The nominal numbers of the V-belt type indicate the effective pitch length of the belt in inches.
  • The V-belt type is manufactured on a pre-order basis. Please use the Power Ace type whenever possible.
  • Standard combinations of the number of ridges to engage
    Power Scrum is made by combining belts that have two, three, four, or five ridges each. For six or more ridges, the following are the standard combinations.
  • When you use more than one belt, please specify a matched set.
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