High performance, light load belts, combining the flexibility of flat belts and the high-power transmission of V-belts


  • The belt can be installed on fixed pulleys due to its flexible nylon cord. (Be careful of belt length changes in humid operating environments.)
  • The nylon cord contained within the tensile members features quick-response elasticity, so that it can absorb impact loads
  • Ride-out stability prevents lateral vibration
  • Can be used with small pulley diameters and at high speeds due to high flexibility in the back of the cogs and a uniform array of tension members at the top of the ribs.


  • Ideal for equipment with shock loads, such as power tools, machine tools, cutting machinery, etc.
  • Suitable for paper and card feeds in office machinery
  • Please note that for some sizes of Type J, the length converted into millimeters from the nominal length is different from the pitch length.
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