Similar to Power Scrum, but these V-belts are tied with polyurethane


  • Smooth power transmission, similar to flat belts, without subduction variation on the pulley
  • High speed transmission – up to 60m/s
  • Can be used with small pulley diameters for greater speed ratios; ideal for lightweight and compact transmission systems
  • Banflescrum belts are available with two or three ribs joined to assure proper seating in the pulley groove, providing a nearly vibration-free drive
  • Ideal for vertical shaft drives, without specialized (e.g., deeply-grooved) pulleys


Weight-saving or space-saving transmission systems
Small size industrial equipment

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  • Standard combinations of the number of ridges to engage
    Banflex Scrum is made of belts that have two or three ridges each. For four or more ridges, the following combinations are used.
  • When you use more than one belt, please specify a matched set.


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