BANCORD Round Belts and V-Belts

Thermoplastic polyurethane open-end belts, easily joined by heat fusion


  • Belts can be easily fused by heat, allowing for any length to be accommodated
  • Install without equipment disassembly, with little need for tension adjustment
  • Bancollan (polyurethane) has excellent mechanical properties, with excellent resistance to abrasion and tearing
  • Bancord Round Belts can be used on complex multi-axis drives or with idler pulleys


Drive and conveyance applications in automated equipment such as office equipment and packaging machinery

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■Bancord Round Belt

■Bancord V-Belt

  • Colored belts and grained-surface belts are manufactured on a pre-order basis. For information on delivery date and lot, please contact us.
  • Bancord Round Belts are stocked in rolls. We can cut or joint them upon your request.
  • Normally, please use the belts with 5% tensioning.
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