HFD system (Hyper Flat Drive System)

Energy saving transmission system product that also significantly contributes to reducing CO2 emissions generated from the production of wasted electricity


  • Highly effective energy savings due to the belt's increased bending flexibility
    (At least 7% less power consumption with at least 7% less CO2 emissions than V-belts)
  • Compact design possibilities with reverse bending belt
  • About 3 times the life of V-belts, and maintenance free with the use of a tensioner
  • Significantly reduces industrial waste through longer life and reduced weight
  • Flat pulley transmission reduces noise and pulley vibration


Commercial and industrial HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) applications

Installation example

Manufacrurable range

List of belt standard sizes

Eight standard belt widths are available: 10mm、15mm、20mm、25mm、30mm、35mm、40mm、45mm
Two standard belt thicknesses are available:2.6 mm (belt standard length 1000~3000mm), 3.0mm (belt standard length 4000~5200 mm).

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