SUNLINE F Series Resin Belts for Food

Belts for unpackaged food conveyance


  • A thorough analysis of customer conveyor application needs enables simple selections for transporting non-packaged foods
  • Antibacterial, antifungal and NONFRAY™ (edge fray prevention) are standard specifications of the belts, which meet HACCP and Food Sanitation Law standards

Sunline Belt selection


Unpackaged food conveyance
General purpose food applications; sticky food; conveyance of moist/hot food with repeated cleaning requirements; trough conveyance of granular foods, pasty foods, and cereals


■Belts for Unpackaged Food Conveyance

★ Indicates standard stock. Please contact Bando or your distributor for non-standard belt widths or lengths or for belts without a ★ indication.

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