SUNLINE Steep Incline Belts

Steep incline conveyance of lightweight powders and bulk materials


  • Steep incline conveyance
  • Contributes to minimizing conveyor system size
  • The same belt can be used on one line with different angles
  • Little spillage
  • Use in various applications and conveyance volumes

Sunline Belt selection


  • Steep incline conveyance of food, especially powders or bulk
  • Steep incline conveyance of raw materials, components
  • Materials extraction from hoppers, etc.

■Sidewall Standard Specifications

■Cleat Standard Specifications

  • ※The gap tolerance in the sidewall and cleat dimension is 0 ~ 4mm
  • ※Standard cleat pitch: 150mm, 300mm, 400mm, 500mm(Other cleat pitches can be manufactured in intervals of 100 ~ 1000mm)
  • ※If required sidewall height is not standard, please contact us.
  • ※We can manufacture 5mm and at 10mm intervals from 10mm to 100mm for free zone R. Variable angle line R dimension should be calculated by R ≥ 0.1 x (B+H). Round up for less than 10mm.
  • ※Manufacturing dimensions: Maximum belt width B is 1000mm, maximum effective width in variable line is 700mm, straight line is 800 mm, maximum length is 600mm. Please contact Bando or your distributor if you require other specifications.

■Standard combinations

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