Engineering plastics products manufactured using Bando's proprietary compounding technology


  • Contributes to the prevention of noise and vibration
    Excellent at not absorbing foreign matter (W Series)
  • The low coefficient of friction provides excellent high-speed characteristics
  • Excellent abrasion resistance in all slide friction patterns
  • No lubrication required, so no damage to peripheral components or contamination of materials contacted
  • Lightweight and compact


Parts for copiers and printers as follows.

  • Developer bearings
  • Highly heat resistant fixing area gears and bearings
  • Many other uses: please contact Bando

Bando Mulite includes the W series (oil-lubricated); the D series (heat-resistant), which basically uses self-lubricatiing low-friction resin; the S series (precision machinery parts), and the E series (electromagnetic shield parts).

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