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Mid- to Long-Term Management Plan

Breakthroughs for the future

Aim of the Mid-to-Long-Term Management Plan

The aim of the Bando Group over the next 10 years is to be a “stand out” supplier of belts and functional products on a global basis, using the trusted quality and our core technologies in rubber, elastomers and resins which we have refined since our founding. The first five years of our mid-to-long-term plan is called, Breakthroughs for the future, 1st stage.” During this stage we will work to achieve our targets using five guidelines, related to issues such as global business expansion, new product development and manufacturing challenges.

Expansion of global business and added value
Five Guidelines
Evolution of global market strategy
Product evolution
Evolution in manufacturing
New business creation
Evolution in management quality
【Overseas markets】
  Establish No. 1 market share for belt business in the high priority Asian region
【Markets in Japan】
  Develop high performance products to match market needs, provide sales networks close to customers,
  add value and expand business around those core products.
【Develop optimum specs for markets】
  Meet customer needs in each global region, promote development of products with“ optimum specs to
  meet market needs”
【Evolution in environment, energy conservation and high performance】
  Continuously generate high value added products with the keywords“ environmental impact reduction,
  high efficiency, compact and composite functions”
【Attain incomparable quality】
  Significantly reduce the defect rate on all lines to further strengthen customer trust
【Innovate cost competitiveness】
   Achieve cost competitiveness to win customers from our competitors
  ◎Further promote developments in purchasing
  ◎Innovate resources productivity, labor productivity and capital productivity
Refine core elastomer, resin and other material compounding, dispersion and composite technologies, fuse them with new technologies, “sharpen” our technology base and develop new, next-generation products to be pillars of our business
■Keywords for new products: Environment, energy conservation, high performance
[Priority markets]
  Optoelectronics, transportation/automotive, energy/robotics
[Priority fields]
  Power electronics, print electronics, welfare/nursing care
【Strengthen portfolio management】
  Make strategic investments in growth products, and eradicate unprofitable products and business
【Strengthen consolidated management】
  Visualization of consolidated management indicators, introduce balanced scorecard (BSC)
  and activity based costing (ABC), strengthen Group management structure
【Strengthen HR development】
  Career plans appropriate for each person, human resources for next-generation management
  (promotion of management training programs), strengthen global personnel, specialist training,
  promotion of diversity management (women, non-Japanese, etc.)
【Strengthen the financial structure】
  Strive for zero net debt, strengthen exchange rate and interest rate management

Consolidated targets (FY2017)

Net sales Operating income New product ratio ROA
100 billion yen 10 billion yen 30% 6%