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C-Stretch - Strechable Strain Sensor


  • Highly accurate detection
  • High flexibility
  • Easy to apply
  • Low hysteresis

Bando combined elastomer compound design, dispersion and film processing technologies to create a completely new type of sensor, in which the sensor itself stretches to detect the amount of elongation. C-Stretch is extremely soft and has excellent followability, even with small force. It can measure movement without interfering with physical motions. It has low hysteresis and high repetition accuracy.

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C-Stretch ™


  • Movement measurement
  • Biological information measurement
  • Interface

FlowMetal - Low-temperature sinterable metal ink


  • Room to low temperature sintering, with low electrical resistivity, corresponding to a wide variety of solvent types and liquid properties

FlowMetal is conductive ink with excellent low temperature sintering and high conductivity (low electrical resistivity), with in-house production of nanoparticles. It is suitable for a variety of printing methods using aqueous, organic or alcohol solvents.

  • ■ Water-based, solvent-based and alcohol-based inks are available.
  • ■ Sinterable at low temperatures.
  • ■ Applicable to various printing methods (Inkjet, Flexo and Offset printing).


  • Printed electronics
  • Flexible electronics

FlowMetalSilver Nanoparticle Bonding Material


  • Low temperature bonding, pressure-free bonding, low void, high reliability, high thermal conductivity, low electrical resistance

This product is a metal nanoparticle paste that applies the technology used to develop low-temperature sintering metal nanoparticle ink. It is used to bond semiconductor devices such as LED, power devices, and optical semiconductors. While it can be sintered at low temperature, it has excellent heat resistance and does not re-melt after sintering.

LED package using FlowMetal low-temperature sintering silver nanoparticle bonding material


  • Die attaching material
  • Lead-free solder substitute
  • High heat dissipation metal bonding

Heat Dissipation Sheet


  • Heat Dissipation Sheet contributes to low thermal resistivity in a variety of electronic devices, as it has high thermal conductivity in the direction of thickness.
  • 1. Available in two types: insulation or conductive.
  • 2. Available in a wide range of thicknesses with high thermal conductivity.
  • Insulation type:
    Thickness (0.15 to 10 mm),
    Thermal conductivity (~25 W/mk)
  • Conductive type:
    Thickness (0.15 to 10 mm),
    Thermal conductivity (~150 W/mk)

Heat Dissipation Sheet has vertically oriented thermally conductive fillers and has high thermal conductivity. It can be used as an interface to efficiently transfer heat from heat generating parts (CPU, LED backlight, power chips) to cooling parts (heat sink, etc.).

Electron microscope photo of the cross-sectional structure of Heat Dissipation Sheet with vertically oriented carbon fibers

Image of Heat Dissipation
Sheet use


  • Heat dissipation of heat-generating components of electronic/electric devices

Optical Clear Adhesive Sheet Free Crystal


  • Ultra-thick: Thickness over 1000µm
  • Ultra-low hardness: 0 – 5 on a microhardness tester (MDI, JIS-A)
  • Superior environmental resistance: Performance maintained at 85℃ × 85%humidity × 1000hours

Bando is able to produce Optical Clear Adhesive Sheet in thicknesses over 1,000μm by utilizing our elastomer technology accumulated over many years and taking advantage of our molding techniques. Optical Clear Adhesive Sheet is used to bond layers in touch panel displays, meeting diversified needs in expanding touch panel applications. In particular, Optical Clear Adhesive Sheet provides improved visibility in automotive applications and easily bonds in curved display applications. Optical Clear Adhesive Sheet thickness provides impact resistance, and exhibits excellent environmental characteristics.


  • Optical Clear Adhesive

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