Privacy Policy

Bando Chemical Industries, Ltd. (hereinafter, the "Company") promotes the protection of personal information acquired on the Company's corporate site as follows. Further, it seeks to establish a mechanism to protect personal information, while ensuring that all employees recognize the importance of the protection of personal information, as well as implementing thorough measures toward the protection thereof.

1.Regarding Acquisition of Personal Information

The Company acquires personal information in an appropriate manner without deception or other wrongful means.

2.Regarding Utilization of Personal Information

The Company shall use personal information within the scope listed below. In case of utilizing personal information for any other purpose, the Company shall obtain the prior consent of the person.

  • 1. Confirmation, response and delivery of materials in response to various inquires and use of system
  • 2. Request to respond to a questionnaire to improve the Company's services
  • 3. Announcement concerning the Company Group's businesses (products, services, etc.)

3.Regarding Provision of Personal Information to a Third Party

The Company shall not, except for the following cases, provide personal information to any third party without obtaining consent of the person.

  • (1) When it is stipulated under laws and regulations including Act on the Protection of Personal Information; and
  • (2) In case of providing personal information to Group companies for the purpose of utilization as set forth in "2. Regarding Utilization of Personal Information".

In this case, the Company shall also assume ultimate responsibility with respect to security control of personal information.

4.Regarding Security Control of Personal Information

The Company shall take necessary and proper measures for the prevention of leakage, loss or damage of personal information it handles, and for other security control of personal information.

5.Regarding Outsourcing of Personal Information

The Company shall, if it outsources handling of personal information to a third party in whole or in part, conduct an impartial investigation on the said third party and exercise necessary and appropriate supervision over the said third party to ensure security control of personal information, the handling of which was so outsourced.

6.Regarding Disclosure and Correction, etc. of Personal Information

(1) The Company shall, when requested by the person for the disclosure of his or her own personal information, promptly disclose the same. If the person cannot be identified, the Company shall not accept such disclosure.

(2) The Company shall, when requested by the person to correct, add, or delete personal information on the ground that there is a mistake in the content of personal information, make investigation and promptly respond to such request. If the person cannot be identified, the Company shall not accept such requests.

7.Regarding Compliance with Laws and Regulation, and Review

The Company shall comply with the applicable laws and regulations concerning the retained personal information, and seek to review and improve the handling of personal information as appropriate.

Regarding Inquiry

If you have any question or requests concerning the Company's handling of personal information, please contact us at the following (or click on “Contact Us” below left).

  • Contact for Inquiries
  • Legal, PR and CSR Group
  • General Administration Department
  • Telephone No.: (078)304-2935