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Product Innovation

The Company has worked on Guideline 4 “Work Style Innovation of Individuals and the Organization” as the core for all measures in the mid-term business plan BF-2 and focused on the work style innovation to efficiently create added value.
In fiscal 2019, the second year of the mid-term business plan, we focused on improving work processes and changing employees’ mindset.

SDG to which
the Bando Group

Establish and manage KPIs for work style innovation in each department

As a priority measure for Guideline 4 in BF-2 “Work Style Innovation for Individuals and the Organization,” in fiscal 2018, the first year of BF-2, we established the “Work Style Innovation Department” and conducted interviews about and analysis of the current status of approximately 100 operations to streamline work operations.
Based on the achievement, in fiscal 2019, the second year of BF-2, we worked on improving work processes and changing employees’ mindset, significantly increased the number of operational improvement recommendations and tried to reduce the total hours worked. To implement the PDCA cycle while enhancing the effectiveness of various initiatives, we have established KPIs for each department and started management using the dashboard on the Company’s intranet “work style innovation site.”

Work style innovation informational posters

Work style innovation informational posters

Dashboard on “work style innovation site”

Dashboard on “work style innovation site”

In fiscal 2020, the third year of BF-2, we are aiming at the work style with a high level of “time consciousness” which creates high added value within a limited time by checking the level of attainment of indicators on a daily basis to decide the next actions. As one of the measures, we will promote and enhance the use of IT such as RPA*1 and EUC*2.

*1 RPA: Robotic Process Automation
*2 EUC: End User Computing

Progress and achievements of work style innovation in BF-2

Established Work Style
Innovation Department
/ Streamlined work
Total annual hours worked :
Decreased0.9%year on year
Annual paid leave taken
(average per person) :
Increased5.3%year on year
Improved work
processes /
Changed mindset
Total annual hours worked :
Decreased3.0%year on year
Annual paid leave taken
(average per person) :
Increased7.5%year on year

Promote activities through creative contents and
user interface design of “work style innovation site.”

The Company’s intranet “work style innovation site” contains creative contents to raise employees’ motivations for the work style innovation in addition to providing relevant information.

  • Disclose the “earning power”

    Disclosing sales results enables each employee to understand the current situation of the Company

  • User interface design that allows to see the status of work style innovation at first glance

    Use facial expression icons to show the summary of each department’s performance against the management indicators

  • Ability to innovate work

    Show total hours worked, overtime hours, and the status of annual paid leave taken as “ability to innovate work”

Process of
work style innovation

Promote self-directive
and creative work styles
through improving work
environment and systems,
developing human resources,
and changing
employees’ mindset

Enhance power
of individuals and
the organization

Avoid overtime
work without
justifiable reason

working hours

ideal lifestyle
(realize work-life

Return earnings
to employees

Increase earnings
by improving

Due to a worsening shortage of human resources who work on and achieve goals of guidelines in BF-2, it is essential for employees to autonomously review their working style to do work with higher added value in a shorter period of time, in order to achieve the Group’s sustainable growth. The purpose of the work style innovation is to create an upward spiral: increase earnings of the Bando Group and invest earnings in future growth and also return earnings to employees to enrich their lives both materially and mentally, which then leads to further improvement of the Company’s performance. General Manager, Work Style Innovation Department