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Product Innovation

The Bando Group will continue to recognize “global environment” as the most important CSR area to make contributions to and focus on the development, manufacturing, and supply for further expansion of “environmentally-friendly products” in order to realize both social and economic values.

SDG to which
the Bando Group

Promote global expansion with new environmentally-friendly products

The Bando Group sells industrial V-belts such as “eco moving”products, “Energy-Saving Red” and “Energy-Saving POWER ACE,” which are commonly used by customers in Japan and overseas for various industrial machinery such as air conditioning systems and compressors in factories and commercial facilities.

Energy-Saving Energy-Saving POWER ACE Energy-Saving Red


On another front, as there are an increasing number of machineries operated under severe conditions such as resource mining equipment, woodworking machinery, and large industrial machinery in recent years and the needs for high-load V-belts have been increasing, we developed and started selling belts for large industrial machinery POWER ACE HP (HP: High Performance) in 2019. It achieved high strength and transmission capacity by using “Aramid core wire” and received a high evaluation in overseas market including North America for its performance far superior to the competitors’ products. In addition, as its higher transmission capacity allows to reduce the number of belts used compared to the traditional product, POWER ACE HP satisfies the Company’s criteria for “resource saving” and “reduction in quantity of waste” of raw materials and is given an environmentally-friendly label “eco moving.”

Characteristics of POWER ACE Characteristics
Characteristics of POWER ACE
  • 30%


  • Raw materials

    Resource saving

  • Number of belts used


  • Quantity of waste

    by approx.


* Comparison with the Company's V-belts

HFD System continues to expand the area of value creation

“HFD System,” which achieved the next-generation energy-saving power transmission and received the Grand Prize for Excellence in Energy Efficiency for the second time in 2019, has been introduced to a wide range of fields, which led to the discovery of its various benefits that even the developers of the Bando Group didn’t initially expect. One of the examples is “the prevention of accidents including industrial accidents.” The longer product life and maintenance-free features of “HFD System” allows to “reduce the frequency of replacements” resulting in fewer dangerous work at height such as at blowers and cooling towers. Its easier and safer replacement procedures compared to the V-belts also contribute to preventing accidents including industrial accidents at customers. In addition, as “HFD System” using flat belts can reproduce the exact rotation as designed, it has been introduced in an increasing number of food factories which need to maintain constant atmospheric pressure. “HFD System” can reduce electricity consumption by approx. 7% and waste to about one-fiftieth compared to V-belts, and its social value will increase as the number of introduction increases. We will continue to establish systems that meet the needs of more customers.

Replacement of V-belts
(heavy work involving multiple workers)

HFD System

Replacement of HFD System
(belts can be easily replaced with one spanner only)

We believe that the basic way to prevent the materialization of climate change risks such as leaks of waste and liquid raw materials and water quality incidents due to torrential rain is to identify such risks and promote preventive activities on a daily basis. In addition, we have designated a month during which we intensively check the management status and conduct enlightening activities, and we also place importance on conducting patrols to prevent environmental pollution on a regular basis and sharing information among plants. General Manager, Safety and Environmental Promotion Department,
Manufacturing Planning Center