CSR Report

Process Innovations

The Group focuses on “Enhancement and Evolution in Manufacturing” under the mid-term business plan BF-2, works to develop innovative production methods and build automated production lines, improves capital and labor productivity, and reduces material loss and energy use, with the aim of contributing to sustainable development of society.

SDG to which
the Bando Group contributes

Developed an innovative production method of industrial toothed belts used in many areas in society and achieved significant reductions of material loss and energy use and the improvement of labor and capital productivity

革新製法 Example of use of
industrial toothed
rubber belts:
Resin injection molding
Industrial toothed belt line
at Wakayama Plant

In fiscal 2020, we worked to develop innovative production methods in Wakayama Plant and designed new processes of industrial toothed rubber belts. As a result, we were able to reduce both material loss and energy consumption by approximately 40%, doubled labor productivity and improved capital productivity by 1.5 times compared to the conventional production lines.
The newly developed innovative production methods can manufacture any size of belts without a mold for each belt size, shortening the time required for test production. While improving efficiency, we maintain the same level of functions and precision of products as the conventional methods by improving design precision for each process and using new technologies.
In fiscal 2021, we will work on mass production with these innovative production methods and proceed with the consolidation of the conventional production lines.

PowerAce Industrial toothed belts

Developed production methods for processes after surface treatment of automotive wiper blade rubbers and achieved a reduction of material loss and the improvement of labor productivity

In fiscal 2020, we thoroughly reviewed the conventional methods such as surface treatment and visual inspection of automotive wiper blade rubbers at Nankai Plant, restructured processes, introduced automation, and optimized conditions, and as a result, we were able to reduce loss of surface treatment agent by 75% and improved labor productivity by 2.8 times in target processes. In fiscal 2021, we will work on mass production in this production line and aim to further improve productivity by introducing robots.

Automotive wiper blade rubbers Automotive wiper
blade rubbers
Visual inspection device
for the products

OUR TRACK RECORD ― Fiscal 2018 to 2019 Initiatives

Fiscal 2018 Ashikaga Plant
―Polyurethane belts―

Established innovative production methods by reviewing
compounding design of materials, shortening a cross-linking process
(reaction that changes physical and chemical properties of
polymers by linking them) and introducing robots

Labor productivity


Material loss

Reduced by

Energy consumption

Reduced by

Ashikaga Plant
(external view)

Fiscal 2019 Nankai Plant
―Accessory drive power transmission belts for

Nankai Plant
―Rubber belts for
agricultural machinery―

Developed new production methods by thoroughly reviewing the conventional methods

Acquired a patent for the process which not only reduced energy consumption but also contributed to the improvement of environment of high-temperature work site

Developed a molding machine compatible with automation and multiple models of products

Achieved a people- and environmentally- friendly method not requiring organic solvents


1.3 times*

Material loss

Reduced by
60% or more*

Energy consumption

Reduced by
50% or more*


2.5 times*


1.4 times*

* Comparison with the conventional methods