Employment/ Diversity and equal opportunity

Material Issue Employment

  • Targets/Vision
  • Review the conventional work style, encourage employees to take paid leave and reduce long working hours, in order to secure and retain talented human resources

Work Style Innovation

As we understand that the major premise of sustainable growth of a company is to create a vital organization where diverse employees can fully demonstrate their strengths and abilities, we are committed to making comprehensive improvement of treatment by closely paying attention to each employee from various angles including the employment policy, form of employment, wage system, evaluation system and individual treatment.
In fiscal 2018, we established the “Work Style Innovation Department” to improve and support work processes as well as make proposals and give guidance to improve work efficiency through the use of IT. Mainly the department manages the progress of the initiatives monthly and is promoting efforts to generate high added value within a limited time.

The index of total hours worked is
calculated assuming fiscal 2014 is 100

Streamlining production line operations
using IT

Support and enhancement of work-life balance

In order to create employee-friendly working places where everyone is satisfied with their work, we have introduced a no overtime day, flextime system, and paid leave system that allows to take a half day off, as well as other systems as follows:

Major systems supporting work-life balance

System Detail
Childcare leave Available until the end of April after the child reaches three years of age
Short working hour for childcare Available until the child finishes the third grade (with options of reduction by 1 or 2 hours)
Nursing leave/family care leave Available up to 5 days in a year per family member, or up to 10 days in a year for two or more family members
*during one year from April to March of the following year
Leave of absence for family care Available up to 365 days per family member in need of care
Short working hour for family care Option of reduction by 1 or 2 hours
Work Location Change Request System May request a change of work location for reasons such as the spouse’s transfer or family care
Re-employment System May request to be re-employed in cases of resignation due to marriage, childbirth, childcare, spouse’s transfer or family care
Work-from-home System Available for reasons such as childcare, family care or treatment of injuries and diseases

Material Issue Diversity and equal opportunity

  • Targets/Vision
  • ● Continue recruitment regardless of race, creed, gender, and nationality
  • ● Ratio of female new graduates employed: 20%
  • ● Ratio of persons with disabilities employed: 2.2%

To mobilize talented workforce with diverse background and continue to create new values

In addition to recruitment/employment aiming to achieve the above targets, we are also working on initiatives such as creation of organization and culture capitalizing on diversity, fair employment opportunity and evaluation, promotion of work-life balance, and development of self-directive human resources/managers. In fiscal 2018, new university graduates employed included 26% of women (joining in 2019), 1.98% of persons with disabilities (short by four persons to the statutory requirement), and two foreign nationals (joining in 2019).