Material Issues & New CSR Promotion Themes

Determining Material Issues

The Bando Group recognizes that CSR activities should “meet the needs of society” and also “lead to the realization of the management philosophy.” Accordingly, in fiscal 2017 we determined material issues with a view to revising our CSR objectives and themes from a global standard perspective. From fiscal 2018, under our new CSR promotion themes based on our material issues and management philosophy, we promote CSR activities to ensure that we can continue to respond to changes in society and demands from our stakeholders.

Determination Process

Identify issues for discussion
We identified 36 items, mainly those provided in the GRI Sustainability Reporting Standards, while making reference to international guidelines including the GRI Standards and EICC (currently RBA: Responsible Business Alliance) Code of Conduct, as well as competition benchmarks.
Establish a priority order
We assigned scores to the 36 items by evaluating them based on their impact from the Company’s perspective. We also conducted an evaluation from stakeholders’ perspectives based on surveys of ESG survey institutions and our business partners. We mapped the items on two axes to determine 17 material issues for the Bando Group.
Evaluate the validity of the items
We had the CSR experts evaluate the validity of the 17 items that we had determined based on the documents summarizing the Company’s activities to date, its determination process and background of material Issues.
Management approval
After confirmation by the CSR Promotion Committee, the material issues and the determined items were approved by the Board of Directors.

Material Issues & New CSR Promotion Themes: Overall Image

Initiatives for the SDGs

The Bando Group is conscious of the importance of the globally shared Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Going forward, we plan to solidify policies and activity details for achieving the SDGs in order, while also moving forward with initiatives that achieve the targets (KPIs) of the new CSR promotion themes.