Occupational health and safety

Basic Principle

Basic Philosophy

The Bando Group’s policy on work activity is based on human dignity, which allows employees to take action with originality and ingenuity, with management ensuring their safety and health.

Action Principles

  • 1. We will comply with Occupational Health and Safety Laws and workplace-established health and safety rules, and work for the preservation of health, and the prevention of industrial accidents and occupational illness.
  • 2. The company is aware of its direct responsibility related to industrial accidents and occupational illness and has established an Occupational Health and Safety Management System. Also, we will provide, implement and use a safe and comfortable workplace, with the cooperation of our employees.
  • 3. We will actively participate in and expand voluntary health and safety activities, combining originality and innovation.
  • 4. The company will make its health and safety policy well-known to all employees, make continuous improvements to the policy and, depending on the results of systematic reviews, make changes in implementation.

Material Issue Occupational health and safety


  • Work-related injuries resulted in no lost time or more: None (Non-consolidated and domestic affiliates)
  • Work-related injuries resulted in lost time: None (Global target)

Health and Safety Trends

Since FY2005, we have received Occupational Health and Safety Management System (JISHA method OSHMS) certification at each of our domestic production bases. We have developed health and safety risk assessments, accident and near miss activities, and risk forecast activities.

Rate of frequency of work-related injuries resulted in lost time

Major initiatives in fiscal 2018

Promotion of risk assessment

Re-establishment of operation standard

Promotion of safety sensitivity improvement

Enhancement of health and safety patrols

  • OSHMS Certification
    Ashikaga Plant, Wakayama Plant, Nankai Plant, Kakogawa Plant
  • OHSAS18001 Certification
    Bando Manufacturing (Thailand) Ltd. Bando Belt Manufacturing (Turkey), Inc. Bando (India) Pvt. Ltd. P.T. Bando Indonesia Bando Korea Co., Ltd. Bando Belt (Tianjin) Co., Ltd. 
  • ISO45001 Certification
    Sanwu Bando Inc.

Aiming at enhancing safety awareness and safety sensitivity

  • Promotion of risk assessment
    Since 2014, we have conducted risk assessment for a cumulative total of approx. 7,000 operations, with a focus on maintenance and trouble-shooting, where many occupational accidents have occurred. Also, we hold practical trainings for risk assessment to enhance risk assessment and ensure to conduct risk assessment of chemical substances.
  • Compliance with safety rules with health and safety patrols
    In addition to monthly health and safety patrols conducted at each office and group company, executive in charge of health and safety and the chairperson of the labor union tour all production bases in Japan for health and safety patrol to ensure the compliance of safety rules in time for the National Safety Week every July. We set October 7 as “Bando Safe Day,” and on that day every year, the President sends a message about safety to all employees, and all directors, including the President, conduct a health and safety patrol to check routine health and safety activities.
  • Bando Safe Day

  • Promotion of safety measures for facilities
    We are implementing measures to prevent accidents related to manual interventions that frequently occur in non-routine works and also to make necessary changes to facilities to ensure the safety of workers even in non-routine works. We compiled examples of safety measures and use them to check safety and make improvement of facilities.
  • Press vulcanization equipment with a safety fence

  • Safety sensitivity improvement training using disaster simulation equipment
    We provide a training on safety sensitivity to enhance employees’ sensitivity to risks inherent to their works through a simulation of potential accidents, such as being caught or stuck in machines, that are likely to occur at the Group’s production facilities. We expanded the scope of this training to the entire Group since fiscal 2014 and installed disaster simulation equipment in all of domestic plants and affiliates as well as in 10 major overseas production bases to promote similar training.
    As a result, Nankai Plant achieved a record of 5,600,000 hours of accident-free operation in September 2018.
  • Safety sensitivity improvement training

  • External evaluation
    Bando Manufacturing (Thailand) Ltd. received “National Occupational Safety and Health Award” for two consecutive years from the Thai government as a company with excellent health and safety management.


  • Every employee strives to maintain their health and create a workplace where they can work enthusiastically through activities of the Healthy and Enthusiastic Workplace Creation Team

Initiatives to work healthily and enthusiastically

In fiscal 2017, we appointed a new executive in charge of health and enacted the “Employee Health Management Declaration” with the aim of strengthening our initiatives on employees’ health.
We formed the “Healthy and Enthusiastic Workplace Creation Team” jointly organized by employees and management toward the realization of the Declaration. The Team provides supports for employees to realize their own “health vision” and promotes the creation of vital and comfortable workplaces. These initiatives on which the Company and employees work “closely” are evaluated, and the Company was selected as a “Health & Productivity Stock Selection” for three consecutive years by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (“METI”) and the Tokyo Stock Exchange in February 2019, and also recognized in the “Certified Health & Productivity Management Outstanding Organizations Recognition Program (large enterprise category) White 500” by the METI and Nippon Kenko Kaigi.

Aiming at the rate of frequency of injuries resulting in lost time of 0.4% or less

As a KPI of initiatives to work healthily and enthusiastically, we are aiming at achieving the rate of frequency of injuries resulting in lost time of 0.4% or less.
Toward the achievement of this target, we require all employees to get regular medical checkup, special medical checkup, and the secondary inspection. As a high risk approach*1 based on the result, we have a program for preventing aggravation of diabetes using EQ*2 to encourage employees to change their daily habit. As part of data health program jointly operated with a health insurance association, we promote a dental checkup, a collaborative health activity using health scoring report, with the view of reducing dental care expenses.
In fiscal 2018, as a population approach*3, we strengthened lifestyle disease prevention by improving daily habit such as good diet and sleep, increasing metabolism and quitting smoking. We are also promoting invigoration of workplace through by securing sufficient time for communication between supervisors and subordinates and proactively accepting operational reform proposals. As a result, the number of medical treatment days for lifestyle diseases decreased by 71 days and the ratio of persons diagnosed as highly stressed in the stress test decreased by 2.2 points or 45 persons. However, the rate of frequency of injuries resulting in lost time was 0.86% due to an increase in the number of medical treatment days per case. We will continue these initiatives aiming at the ratio of 0.4% or less.

*1 High risk approach: Approach to assist those with especially high health risks to reduce such risks

*2 EQ: Emotional Quotient

*3:Population approach: Support to reduce overall health risks of certain organizations without limiting to persons with high health risks

TOPICSThe Company’s foundation is physical and mental health
of all employees

We think there is nothing special about our health and productivity management. Ever since we started these initiatives for health and productivity management, we became more conscious of the fact that “the Company’s foundation is physical and mental health of all employees” by considering medical treatment of employees from various perspectives including health, life, impact on workplace, and productivity. We first aimed at reduction of the number of persons needing medical treatment and then at the prevention, and now, our aim is that every employee is satisfied with their work and can work enthusiastically.
We believe that our culture to think “the Company’s foundation is physical and mental health of all employees” is the very key to smooth promotion of activities of the “Healthy and Enthusiastic Workplace Creation Team,” an initiative of labor-management collaboration. We will maintain this culture and continue to promote health and productivity management by associating it with the work style reform.

2019 Health and Productivity Management Award

2019 Health and Productivity
Management Award