Occupational health

[Employee Health Management Declaration]

The Bando Group works to promote good health of employees in the firm belief that each employee’s physical and mental health forms a basis for our development.

1. Under the leadership of the top management, the entire Bando Group works “closely” to promote the health management.
2. The Group supports employees’ self-directed efforts to promote their good health with “excitement.”
3. The Group aims to create a workplace where employees can work “enthusiastically,” along with its work style innovation.

-Priority measures-

1. Work “closely”
We set up the “Healthy and Enthusiastic Workplace Creation Team” in each office to enable the Company, employees, and the health insurance association to work together to promote health by respecting individuality of each office.
2. Promote health with “excitement”
Each employee creates a vision about his/her health and makes an effort that lets him/her feel the positive effects on his/her health.
3. Create a workplace where employees can work “enthusiastically”
The Group aims to create a workplace where employees enjoy both their work and leisure time.

Material Issue Occupational health


  • Every employee strives to maintain their health and create a workplace where they can work enthusiastically through activities of the Healthy and Enthusiastic Workplace Creation Team

Management and Promotion Method of Occupational health

[Responsible Departments] Health
  • Business facilities

Coordinating office: Company-Wide Health and Safety Committee (Secretariat: Personnel Department is responsible for health)

[Policy/Point of view]

For health, the Group positions securing the health and safety in workplaces and improving the mental and physical health of employees as the foundation of our business activities and is working to strengthen the initiatives on employees’ health under the “Employee Health Management Declaration.”


Every employee strives to maintain their health and create a workplace where they can work enthusiastically through activities of the Healthy and Enthusiastic Workplace Creation Team


・ Promote activities to care for and follow up mental and physical health of employees based on the attributes such as regular and special medical checkup for all employees and the establishment of the “Healthy and Enthusiastic Workplace Creation Team” in each business facility as well as collaborative health activities using health scoring report as part of our data health program.

Initiatives to work healthily and enthusiastically

In fiscal 2017, we appointed a new executive in charge of health and enacted the “Employee Health Management Declaration” with the aim of strengthening our initiatives on employees’ health. We formed the “Healthy and Enthusiastic Workplace Creation Team” jointly organized by employees and management toward the realization of the Declaration. The Team provides supports for employees to realize their own “health vision” and promotes the creation of vital and comfortable workplaces. Since January 2020, we have implemented “no dress code” throughout the year at Head Office at the request of the “Healthy and Enthusiastic Workplace Creation Team.” These initiatives on which the Company and employees work “closely” are evaluated, and the Company was selected as a “2021 Health & Productivity Stock Selection” by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (“METI”) and the Tokyo Stock Exchange in March 2021, and also recognized in the “2021 Certified Health & Productivity Management Outstanding Organizations Recognition Program (White 500)” by the METI and Nippon Kenko Kaigi. We will continue to focus on creating workplace where employees can work enthusiastically.

Aiming at the lost days rate 0.4% or less

As a target of initiatives to work healthily and enthusiastically, we are aiming at achieving the lost days rate of 0.4% or less.
To achieve this target, we require all employees to get regular medical checkup, special medical checkup, and the secondary inspection and use the results of these checkups as well as lifestyle habit surveys to address identified health issues and encourage employees to change their lifestyle habits by holding fitness classes and offering health guidance by a public health nurse.
In fiscal 2020, we held an assertion seminar aimed at improvement of workplace communication and implemented office-specific initiatives to improve workplace based on the results of group analysis of stress check and SOC scale*. As a result, the prevalence of mental health disorder decreased 0.5% and the number of medical treatment days decreased 15% year on year. While we achieved two consecutive years of decreases, mental health remains our issues along with lifestyle diseases. In fiscal 2020, the lost days rate was 0.76%. We will continue to support every employee to improve their health along with efforts to improve their lifestyle habits.

*SOC scale: Scale to measure capability to cope with stress (sense of coherence)

TOPICSStrengthen the health management while staying at home

The COVID-19 pandemic has drastically changed life and work styles of employees. As a preventive measure against physical and mental disorders caused by such changes, we conducted health surveys by public health nurses regularly to take care of those suffering physical and mental disorders promptly and let them know about the consultation service. In addition, we transmitted simple exercise and online Yoga videos to encourage employees to do exercise at home as measures to prevent fatigue, lack of physical activity or weight gain in an unfamiliar environment.

“Employee Health Management Declaration” upholds the idea of “the Company’s foundation is physical and mental health of all employees.” While strongly recognizing it once again, we will implement flexible and appropriate measures to deal with every situation and work “closely” to enhance our employees’ health.

TOPICSPromote employees’ health with healthy meals

In fiscal 2018, Nankai Plant renovated its employees’ cafeteria as an activity of the Healthy and Enthusiastic Workplace Creation Team. In addition to the tangible aspect, we also reviewed the menu to provide healthier meals. While the Bando Group is working to solve issues of each plant based on the trends of employee health issues, we introduced low-calorie dishes with lots of vegetables to improve the issue of employees at Nankai Plant, “excessive intake of fat and carbohydrate.” The actual menu offered at the cafeteria was recognized by Osaka prefectural government as healthy menu (V.O.S menu*) that gives consideration to the volume of Vegetables, Oil, and Salt.

2019 Health and Productivity Management Award

*V.O.S menu: An approval system being promoted to develop a healthy food environment (the reference value per meal is vegetables of 120g or more, ratio of fat to energy intake of 30% or less and salt of 3.0g or less)